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Information updated March 6, 2005

Amarillo, TX opened 1910

closed 1940

Beaumont opened unknown, closed unknown. There was a Harvey newstand presumably in the ATSF railway station. I have no other information. Any ideas out there?
c 1904
Brownwood, TX c 1938 --Previous information was incomplete. Texas Department of Transportation has a contractor on site now.

"The upstairs is to be renovated for use as non-profit office space and displays. Most of the first floor has already been renovated and is used by the Chamber of Commerce as office and meeting space. The original large dining room is to be restored as completely as possible. A conservator is even coming in to repair where possible and restore the original painting and stenciling. " -- The TxDOT contract administrator, Nov 4, 2002.

Canadian o 1910

c 1939

Cleburne c 1931
Dallas (old Union Station) c 1923
El Paso o1906


Fort Worth c 1933
Gainsville o 1901

c 1931

Galveston I

Galveston II



Houston o 1911

c 1948

Ladonia c1887
Lometa c1893
Milano c1889
Navasota c1887
Panhandle c1899
Paris o1896


Rosenberg Rosenberg probbly opened about 1897, as a number of former GC&SF stations were opened about that time with Fred Harvey lunchrooms and dining rooms. It appears to have closed about 1923.

Photo from the Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Collection. (date unknown) Harvey Hotel is at rear of photo.

Silsbee c 1923
Slaton, TX
The Slaton Harvey House was opened in 1912 and closed in the 1942. It continued to be used as a passenger station until the beginning of the Amtrak era, when passenger service to Slaton was discontinued.

In 1990, a not-for-profit foundation formed to fund restoration and reuse of this Harvey House. Restoration of the Harvey House began in Jan 2002, and the first floor work was underway during the Summer of 2003. For more information, please contact Slaton Railroad Heritage Association, 830 S. 21st, Slaton, TX 79364."

See more of the station and its redevelopment on the Slaton website. [Photo courtesy of Tony Privett.]

Somerville o 1900

c 1940.

Sweetwater c 1933
Temple, TX

c 1933
Valley Mills c 1888

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