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Information updated February 3, 2004

La Junta, CO --(El Otero)
Photo courtesy of Fred Harvey Collection, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ
This link is to the University of Arizona Archives, which contain a lot of photos. I have no public domain photos, but you may view the others.
Trinidad, CO --(Cardenas)
Two copies of Harvey Company Postcards from Trinidad. Donated by visitors to this site. Many Thanks to all!
Colorado Springs, CO
This is a photo from a viewer of this site. It may not be taken at the Harvey House, but I have no picture of it, and so assume that it and the Santa Fe Station are one and the same. If anyone has a photo of the station, I'd be happy to run it. too.

Stephen Bradaric and Anna K. Tranberg, taken at the Colorado Springs Santa Fe station around 1917-19. He was a chef at the Harvey establishment there and she (in white) was a Harvey Girl. Notice the other Girls' uniforms. They are different from other Harvey garb I have seen. This photo was submitted by Rev. Mike Bradaric.

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