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Information updated Nvember 6, 2004

Bagdad, CA A lunchroom, primarily for Santa Fe employees.
Bakersfield, CA The Harvey House in Bakersfield was located next to the old Santa Fe station at 15th and F Streets. When Amtrak was created in 1971, all railroad passenger service in the San Joaquin Valley ceased. (Hard to imagine when the current level of Amtrak service is six round trips daily, with nearly 800,000 passengers annually!)

In December 1972, the Santa Fe Railway demolished both the Harvey House and the adjacent passenger station. No trace o either remains, as Santa Fe built a newer and much smaller office on the site. No passenger trains stop at this location any longer, as Amtrak moved from its double-wide trailer to a new location near the convention center. Photos exist in books about Santa Fe in the Central Valley.

Barstow1, CA

-- Casa Del Desierto





There is a Route 66 museum in the rear at the left of this photo, and at the extreme right of the photo a collection of railroad cars and locomotives.

Greyhound and Amtrak Motor Coaches pick up passengers hereCasa Del Desierto, Barstow, CA

Fresno, CA There was no Harvey House in Fresno, but when the San Francisco and San Joaquin Railroad reached Fesno in1900, a Harvey Newsstand was included. This old station was used for many years as a aSanta Fe Railway office building while Amtrak was crammed into the freight building next door. Since mid-2004, the City of Fresno, using funds from Caltrans, Amtrak and local sources, has acquired the building and is in the process of rehabilitating and restoring the station. Grand opening is scheduled for mid-January 2005.
Los Angeles, CA







Interior of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal Harvey HousePhoto by Elson Trinidad, Los Angeles, California
In 1900, an Harvey House was built for the Santa Fe's Le Grand station. In 1939 as part of Union Station, probably the LAST Harvey Restaurant was built at a railroad station. There was no hotel at LAUPT. Unfortunately, there is no information about the Harvey House on the LAUPT website.

The Los Angeles Conservancy (laconservancy.org) offers a series of about 12 different walking tours in Los Angeles. They mainly focus in on the history and architure of the historic downtown. The Union Station tour is one of the most popular tours. They cover the original terminal including going into the old Harvey House (used mainly now for special events like wedding receptions), the new MetroRail subway terminal below the station, the East Portal for bus traffic, and of course trackside. The Union Station tour takes 2 1/2 hours. Check their webssite for dates and fees. (You can save parking fees, and enjoy a hidden treasure of Los Angeles by taking the subway to Union Station.)

Merced, CA Merced, CA
 Mojave, CA Switch engine 1079 and crew pose in front of the Mojave Harvey House depot in this undated photo. (Collection of Glenn Settle, courtesy of Cathy Hansen.) The kind people at the Mojave Museum <http://www.mojave.ca.us/museum/index.htm> sent this picture for this website. Used with permission.
Needles, CA -- El Garces  El Garces, Needles,CAThis is the front of "El Garces, " the Harvey hotel/Santa Fe station in Needles. The station is in the process of restoration and renovation. Ultimate use will be as an Amtrak Stop (which it is now), Needles and Rte 66 museums, offices, etc.
Oakland, CA
Richmond, CA
San Bernardino, CA  
San Diego, CA
  No hotel here, but a nice Lunch Counter in the Depot. The Lunch Counter is gone today, but the Station's exterior is nicely restored .
San Francisco, CA  
Stockton, CA
I have no picture of the interior of the HH lunch room, but the east end of the building, now used as an Amtrak police office, was the lunch room.

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