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Information updated February 26, 2004

Ash Fork, AZ -- Escalante Hotel Built in 1905, Escalante replaced an 1895 vintage Harvey Hotel and Restaurant. It closed in 1948. In the 1950's, the Santa Fe realigned the railroad through the area, and the city suffered a major economic setback -- compounded when U.S. Rte 66 was replaced by I-40, which bypassed Ash Fork entirely. Nothing remains of Escalante!
Flagstaff, AZ  
Grand Canyon, AZ -- El Tovar  El Tovar
 Seligman, AZ The Havasu, built about 1905, still stands though abandoned. A large rambling 60,000 square foot building, it has numerous hotel rooms, a very large kitchen, waiting room, lunch room and newstand. The ATSF removed itself from the building many years ago. With the exception of portions of the roof, the building appears to be in very good shape for its age and the level of (non) maintenance it has received. There must be something to the dry northern Arizona climate! A local group is working to acquire the building and restore it to use.
 Trackside photo of the Havasu.

Seligman AZ harvey hosueInteror view of the lunchroom. Photo courtesy of NAU.

The former Santa Fe Reading room, is now located at the Seligman High School.

Williams, AZ -- Frey Marcos Hotel  
 Winslow, AZ -- La Posada La Posada (designed by Mary Coulter) opened in 1930 and closed 27 years later. Typical of the fate of many old Harvey Houses and other station buildings, the furnishings were sold off and the building converted (subverted comes to mind) into Santa Fe Railway offices. Threatened may times with abandonment and demolition it was purchased in January 1997 by the La Posada LLC. They have worked diligently restoring much of the buillding, reopening it as a hotel in November 1997.

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