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Information updated December 1, 2002

Mary Jane Coulter: The Desert View Actress Ellen Burstyn narrates this documentary film about Ms. Colter. In 1905, she was hired by the Fred Harvey Company to design the hotels, lunch rooms, and dining rooms at the Grand Canyon. The film was released by Catskill Films.

JSCA • 53 min.• $145 VHS • ISBN 0-7934-0999-3

The National Fred Harvey Museum, Leavenworth, Kansas 

Located in the residence of Fred Harvey and his family in Leavenworth Kansas. Museum is just getting started.
Great American Train Foundation The Great American Train Foundation exists to save as many train stations as posssible by providing grant seed money to communitites interested in saving stations. A number of Harvey Houses have received funding from GATF.
The Harvey Dining Experience A look at the Harvey House Restaurants from the perspective of dining rather than railroad history or cultural evolution.
America's First Restaurant Chain An Article by Bob Angelone on the Epicure Website
The Harvey Girls Link to a page about the Judy Garland movie. Granted, it's a superficial and glamorized look at the Fred Harvey Company and the civilizing of the west, but it's got great songs, great singing and dancing, and the full MGM treatment. AND it's great fun, and wears well for all the years. This page is outside of my website and loads very slowly because of all the pictures. Enjoy, but don't be in a hurry. There's a cameo by Byron Harvey Jr[ FHC Vice President at the time, (Fred's grandson) in the film!
Heard Musem,
Phoenix AZ
Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona has an extensive on line exhibit on the efforts of the Fred Harvey Company to stimulate and encourage the arts and crafts of native Americans called "Inventing the Southwest."
Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris California Orange Empire Railway Museum, Perris California, has a Harvey Girls Historical Society. There are currently about 30 members in the fledgling group. They range in age from 13 to 70-something. If you wish to contact them, do so at the museum attention: Lois Tait. (Meeting times listed on museum web site.)

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