March 21, 2003

Web Visitors. The Seligman Arizona Harvey House may be rehabilitated, according to this recent mail. Seligman is in northern Arizona, between Needles, CA and Williams, AZ. Give them all the moral support you can. They are looking for information to help them with their project. If you've got photos of the property, please send them to the Seligman Arizona Historical Society, and I'd like pictures as well to add to our website. TIA

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Subject: Harvey House in Seligman Arizona
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 11:17:12 -0700
From: Larry & Donna <>

Dear Harvey House enthusiasts,

Mary Clurman and the Seligman Arizona Historical Society have very recently begun a campaign to have the Harvey House in Seligman rescued from destruction and restored. Below is the progress they have made and a list of the help they need:

1) Save Harvey House from destruction. Railroad has volunteered to carry the taxes and lease the building to Seligman for time period of needed renovation. Cost of restoration estimated at $5,000,000. NEED DONATIONS BEFORE APPLYING FOR MATCHING GRANTS

2) Get Harvey House listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Submitted forms once to the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office, but not enough history was included on the form. Very little has been found historically on the Harvey House at Seligman. THEY NEED AS MUCH HISTORICAL INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE. Get feasibility studies done by professionals

3) Raise funds for renovation. First phase for architectural assessment. NEEDS $20,000 NOW FOR THE ASSESSMENT. Fundraisers with posters, etc. NEED PHOTOGRAPHER FOR POSTER ART. Outreach to private citizens and other organizations for donations and networking

4) Grants will be sought from the following organizations once they have matching funds:

5) Decide what to do with the property once restored. ALL IDEAS WELCOME!

Mary Clurman
PO Box 186
Seligman, AZ 86337