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Information updated May 25, 2001

Bagdad, CA A lunchroom, primarily for Santa Fe employees.
Bakersfield, CA The Harvey House in Bakersfield was located next to the old Santa Fe station at 15th and F Streets. The old station was destroyed shortly after Amtrak was created in 1971, and a new Santa Fe office built on its site. The Harvey House had been demolished years before (anyone know the date)? No trace of either exists today. No passenger trains stop at this location any longer, as Amtrak moved from its double-wide trailer to a new location near the convention center. Photos exist in books about Santa Fe in the Central Valley.
Barstow1, CA

-- Casa Del Desierto




 Casa Del Desierto, Barstow, CA
Soon to be Barstow City Hall
Fresno, CA
Los Angeles, CA







Interior of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal Harvey HousePhoto by Elson Trinidad, Los Angeles, California
An early Harvey House was built for the Santa Fe's Le Grand station. In 1939 as part of Union Station, probably the LAST Harvey Restaurant was built at a railroad station; there was no hotel at LAUPT. There is no information about the Harvey House on the LAUPT website.

Merced, CA Merced, CA
 Mojave, CA  
Needles, CA -- El Garces  El Garces, Needles,CA
Oakland, CA  
Richmond, CA  
San Bernardino, CA  
San Diego, CA No hotel here, but a nice Lunch Counter in the Depot. The Lunch Counter is gone today, but the Station's exterior is nicely restored .
San Francisco, CA  
Stockton, CA  

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